The Aesthetic Journey – Own How You Age

Drs Francois and Vincent Ehlers

It’s not about your age… it’s about how you own your age. This is how the Ehlers Docs define the Aesthetic Journey and the timeless trend of youth. A trend is defined as a general direction in which something is moving or developing. In fashion and beauty, trends evolve with each new season, which means […]

The Fresh, New Face(s) of Aesthetic Options

The New Face(s) of Aesthetic Options - Drs. Francois and Vincent Ehlers

Meet the fresh, new face(s) of Aesthetic Options – Drs. Francois and Vincent Ehlers. The Ehlers Docs have joined Aesthetic Options, bringing their skills and passion to a dynamic team that is focused on building lasting relationships and inspiring confidence in their clients and their aesthetic goals. This is called a journey for a reason, […]

COVID-19 Boosts Beauty Market

COVID-19 beauty boost website image

COVID-19 trends are being monitored and tracked in every corner of the globe and across all sectors of society. We seem to be living history day by day with the impact of this pandemic revealing itself in some interesting ways. For the global aesthetic medicine market, the impact of COVID-19 has been a wild ride, […]