The Gut Reaction

The Gut Reaction

Following on from our piece on tracking your gut health, our health guru Elmari Carelse shares some tips on how to keep the good tummy vibes going – she calls it The Gut Reaction. “Many facets of modern life can damage the delicate state of our gut environment. This imbalance affects our general health, impacting […]

Elmari’s Tips for the Festive Season

Tips for a healthy festive season

It’s here…..the festive season, the time for rest, family, fun, food and drink and more food and drink! Making healthy choices during this time is never easy, but with a few tips from our resident dietician Elmari Carelse, it is possible and you can still have fun. “Here are my tips on how you can […]

Your Gut Is Talking – Are Your Listening?

Your Gut Is Talking - Are Your Listening?

Basic biology tells us the gut is important. It transports our food, converts it into useable nutrients and stored energy, and flushes out the waste. But in recent times, scientists have discovered that our gut is about so much more than digestion. It is responsible for everything from immunity and emotional stress to chronic illnesses, and […]