Are you battling with pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a real problem and it requires a combination of good treatments and your dedication in using the correct product to treat it and preventing any more flaring.

Skin pigmentation is a disorder that causes the skin to appear either lighter (hypo Pigmentation) or darker (hyper pigmentation) than the existing skin color. Sometimes pigmentation may even appear as blotchy and discoloured.

We have a skin component called “Melanin” that decides and regulates the color of the skin, hair and eyes. The reason behind pigmentation is the minimal or excessive production of melanin.

Melanin works wonders to prevent skin from sun-induced skin cancer.

White skin is 70% more prone to sun induced cancer that black and dark skin. The reason being, the high melanin content in black and dark skin. Melanin works as an absorbent filter of UV-Rays that prevent the sunlight to penetrate further in the skin. Especially the Eumelanin has the shielding effect to scatter the UV-Rays and act as a physical barrier in epidermis layer of skin.

What we need to be done is to first treat the pigmentation that is already there and secondly preventing the formation of new pigmentation at the same time.

Here at The Institute of Aesthetic Options we work with Radiofrequency (RF) and also chemical resurfacing in-house and pharmaceutical pigmentation inhibiters and sun block to help you with your home care regimens on any exposed skin.