Elmari’s Tips for the Festive Season

It’s here…..the festive season, the time for rest, family, fun, food and drink and more food and drink! Making healthy choices during this time is never easy, but with a few tips from our resident dietician Elmari Carelse, it is possible and you can still have fun.

“Here are my tips on how you can have fun without falling completely off track this holiday…….

  • Stay Active But Make It Fun – Get between 30-60min of exercise a day – include the whole family and play cricket, pool volleyball, go for a walk on the beach and after dinner take a walk in the warm evening air.
  • Eat Slowly – Enjoy your food and wait 30min before going for a 2nd helping.
  • Eat The Good Stuff First – When you sit down to a meal start with eating the veggies or salad on your plate and then move on to meat and carbs.
  • Think Ahead – If you know dinner will be a big meal, have a light lunch or a small snack.
  • Portion Control – Yes this doesn’t go out the window – include a variety of food on your plate rather than that an extra helping of beef wellington pie.
  • Drink When You Drink – When it comes time for those cocktails and wine round the braai drink water between your alcohol drinks and have drinks mixed with water or soda e.g. spritzer – it will also save your head in the morning.
  • Salad Boosts – Sprinkle your salads with nuts, granola, and seeds for some good fats and use reduced oil salad dressings.
  • Natural Fruit – Yes it’s Christmas, yes there is fruit cake but try and avoid fruits packed in syrup and go for those with their own built-in juices.
  • Get Saucy – When making sauces that call for mayo – use 1/2 mayo and 1/2 plain low-fat yoghurt or low-fat sour cream.
  • Home Baked – If you plan on baking this holiday, use wholegrain flour or 1/2 white 1/2 whole-wheat flours. Add oat bran or flaxseed powder to increase fiber and when a recipe calls for fat replace 1/2 of the fat with mashed fruit or veg like apple sauce, pureed pumpkin or sweet potato.

While the aim should be to make the best choices you can, my most important advice to you is LOSE THE GUILT!It is after all the festive season, so celebrate and appreciate the time with those around you.
Stay mindful, enjoy and see you in the New Year. ”

Elmari xxxxx