Formulated For Your Specific Needs

NeoStrata Skincare products are formulated for your specific needs. 

A dermatologist-developed line of skincare products, NeoStrata has been created to target key skincare concerns. As an institute that deals with skincare of all kinds, what we love most about Neostrata is how the products address individual skin types and skin conditions.

Their range includes the following products:

  • CLARIFY – For blemish-prone skin
  • SKIN ACTIVE – an anti-ageing product that addresses fine lines and wrinkles
  • ENLIGHTEN – for uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  • RESTORE – for sensitive skin and for those who have had cosmetic procedures
  • RESURFACE – to address dull skin, poor surface texture and enlarged pores
  • TARGETED – to address key problem areas like dark circles under the eye

To find out which NeoStrata product best suits your skin needs, chat with our skin experts.