Male and female hair loss is caused by several factors such as hormonal changes, illness, crush dieting, certain medications, sensitivity to DHT ( which is made from male hormone), testosterone and immune system imbalances and genetics.

We have specific methods of treating hair loss that combines the following: In-house treatments, homecare, and diet. Clients who follow our program rigorously see improvement for as soon as 4 – 6 weeks of commencement of the treatment cause.

We often hear clients say that “my hair hurts”. Scalp pain has several different causes, but usually flares up when you’re tired and stressed and the number one culprit is not washing your hair.

If you don’t shampoo and condition for a while oils that your scalp produces accumulate around your hair shaft, promoting the overgrowth of yeast on your scalp. It’s not your hair that hurts, but the skin and perifollicular area of the scalp – the region around each hair, pore, or follicle.

Your scalp is incredibly rich in blood supply, nerve endings, and oil glands. Additionally, this yeast (Pityrosporum) builds up, leading to dandruff. The combination of these factors can cause inflammation, which translates to sensitivity that can feel like your hair is hurting.

The fact that greasy hair is often put up in a tight ponytail – and sometimes swept in a bun for sleeping – doesn’t help matters. Wearing your hair in the same style, like a tight ponytail, cornrows, buns or braids for days at a time, can also contribute to more pain. Also avoid using elastic hair ties, instead opt for cloth ponytail holders in looser styles to mitigate pulling oat the scalp.