Health Wellness and Support

On 12/13 August Aesthetic Options held its first Wellness Weekend, a hugely successful event focused on women and their health wellness and support.

In celebration of Women’s day, the Aesthetic Options team paid tribute to women, with a weekend focused on understanding and celebrating mind, body, and soul. Everything from intimate health, body strength and the power of the mind was pulled out into the open and discussed with a range of health and wellness specialists, local influencers, inspiring clients and suppliers of quality products and services.

From yoga classes, product demonstrations and promotions to good food and drink the weekend enabled a time of connection and sharing, where no subject was off limits and every person there was celebrated for who they were. “It was such an amazing weekend and we so enjoyed seeing our community and clients coming together to learn about the importance of bio-psycho-emotional health,” said Dr Francois Ehlers.

Thanks to the event sponsors, the weekend ended with a raffle and some awesome prizes to be won, with all the proceeds going to Breast Cancer Awareness.

The team had such fun planning and hosting the weekend that they are preparing for the next event to bring the community together to celebrate health wellness and support.