How old are you?

Some people only give their skin some thought when a problem occurs. Whether we have wrinkles, a decrease in elasticity, or uneven skin tone, the effects of aging are exposed for everyone to see.

Unfortunately Mother Nature takes her toll on that which is most exposed – our faces. If you do not take good care of your skin you will unfortunately pay the price sooner than later. Our faces, including your neck and décolletage areas, are the most prone to the damaging effects of the sun and time. How we manage the aging process is increasingly more important. The statistics show that people are living longer in the developing world.

Currently people age 60 and over represent 11.4% (794 million) of the world’s population and this figure will rise in 2050 to 20% (2 Billion). By 2015 there were more people age 60 and over than 14 and under. This is according to Professor S Ratan from Aarhus University in Denmark. (Article in edition V111 of Longevity.) This, 225% rapid increase in the 60+ jump between 2010 and 2050 will determine 70% by your lifestyle and 30% by your genetics. This means no more blaming your parents for your flaws!

With these facts available to us, it will become more and more important to pay close attention to your lifestyle choices. Adhering to a healthy diet and choosing the rights type of treatments that will help to improve your skin (instead of just hiding your age) will be imperative.

Millennials make up 55% of our aesthetic beauty base and they want aesthetic treatments that is not time consuming, and on personal wealth, looking good and feeling healthy and they are very focused on the “Journey”. Here at the Institute of Aesthetic options we give all our clients customised treatments and as we pay attention to trends we can offer not just the best treatments but also the trendiest treatments.

As we are living in a very competitive era, more and more men are turning to aesthetic procedures to create a more youthful appearance without the tell-tale signs of having surgery. Male grooming is as important to us as the grooming of our beautiful ladies here at The Institute of Aesthetic Options. As our appearance plays a vital role in how we perceive ourselves. Whether it is in the boardroom, or the social scene, men and women who feel good about their appearance exude confidence – the kind of confidence that attracts others and there is no reason to feel your age in years in your appearance.