Protect Your Skin From Winter Dryness

While the dry winter air is a refreshing change from the humidity, we are so used to in KwaZulu Natal, less moisture in the air means less moisture for our skin.

Our Aesthetic Options skin specialists recommend a combination of products and treatments to see you through the winter months and are on hand to recommend the best option for your skin type.

Chemical peels

Peels are designed to remove dry, damaged skin, uncovering the smoother more hydrated skin underneath. Each treatment is 30 mins long and for optimum results, 4-6 peels are recommended.
The peels are spaced 2 weeks apart, but the TCA peels can only be dine done once a month.
Recovery time is 2 – 7 days depending on which peel is done and the level of flaking that occurs.

The Lamelle Serra Range

From body lotion and a lipid recovery mask to soothing and recovery cream, the Serra range is an excellent way to ensure the moisture levels in your skin are maintained during the winter months.

Neostrata Restore Range

Hydration and replenishment facial wash, ultra-moisturizing face cream, bio-hydrating cream and bionic face cream are the products from this range that best support dry skin.

Protect your skin from winter dryness, contact Thandeka to make an appointment with one of our skin specialists.