Sculptura Skin Boosting Treatment

Sculptura Skin Boosting treatment is surging in popularity because it addresses the underlying cause of facial ageing – collagen loss.

Sculptra is an injectable treatment that works subtly and gradually over time to help restore facial volume for results that can last up to 2 years! In short, Sculpture does the following:

  • Revitalizes the skin’s ability to produce collagen acting as a stimulator and NOT a filler
  • Restores the skin’s fullness
  • Requires an average of 3 treatments over a few months
  • Shows best results over a longer period of time.

Sculptura is also the only injectable treatment that stimulates your body to produce more fibroblasts. These are the specialised cells in your skin that form collagen and elastin, which provide your skin with its structural foundation and firmness.

It is important to understand that Sculptra is a collagen stimulator and does not provide any filling action. Rather, this product causes a reaction in the skin, which subsequently forms new fibroblasts, and as a by-product, new collagen formation. While Sculptra stimulates the skin to regrow its natural collagen over time, it also helps to correct shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds resulting in firmer, younger-looking skin. This new collagen layer provides results that can last two years or longer.

Sculptra is composed of poly-L-lactic acid, a biodegradable molecule, so it does not harm the body and is easily broken down and absorbed. The Sculptra itself is slowly absorbed by your body tissues over about two years.

The ideal treatment for anyone interested in achieving a more natural and gradual approach to aesthetics and anti-ageing, Sculptura Skin Boosting treatment works wonderfully with dermal fillers or skin boosters. It can even be used for body rejuvenation by treating skin laxity in the neck, abdomen and buttocks!

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