The Aesthetic Journey – Own How You Age

It’s not about your age… it’s about how you own your age. This is how the Ehlers Docs define the Aesthetic Journey and the timeless trend of youth.

A trend is defined as a general direction in which something is moving or developing. In fashion and beauty, trends evolve with each new season, which means a constant shift in focus for those who follow them.

But one trend that remains timeless no matter what evolves around it, is a youthful appearance. Developments in aesthetic and regenerative medicine have allowed us to make youthfulness attainable, by preserving beauty and reversing the signs of time.

This is the world of Medical Aesthetics, a field of experience and great interest to Drs. Francois and Vincent Ehlers, who give their view on what they call The Aesthetic Journey.

The Aesthetic Journey – Own How You Age

The decision to begin an aesthetic journey and own how you age can be daunting as there are thousands of cosmetic injectors available, a fortune of treatment options on offer and an underlying fear driven by popular reality television and social media.

For The Ehlers Docs, it all starts with finding a reputable facility with a trustworthy doctor who is extensively trained in Medical Aesthetics, and the intricacies around the anatomy of the face; and has adequate experience of the procedures, products, and techniques available today.

Once you have found an aesthetics professional you are comfortable with, your next step is to define your goal, advises Dr. Francois.

“A simple way of doing this is to decide if you are wanting to enhance a particular feature; if you want to restore a younger version of yourself, or if you are looking to redefine your appearance. After that, you have to look at the emotion behind your choice. This is important because the goals we set as doctor and patient need to give a result that has a positive impact both physically and psychologically,” he said.

This is called a journey for a reason, says Dr Vincent. It is not a single session solution, but rather a path of prevention, preservation, and restoration that you embark on with your doctor. Treatment plans need to be developed for short, medium and long-term goals that are built on common elements individualised for each patient.

“To create such a plan, we build a rapport with our patients based on open communication and trust so that we can help them understand the ageing process as it pertains to them and their lifestyle, health and overall wellness,” said Dr Vincent.

For The Ehlers Docs, a successful aesthetic journey is achieved through a holistic approach to beauty and defying age gracefully. Their Insitute strives to do this by building lasting relationships and inspiring confidence as their clients strive to own how they age.

A little more about The Ehlers Docs……..

Dr. Vincent Ehlers (MBBCh) graduated from The University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.
He is an internationally published author who has a background in general surgery. Using the skill and experience gained from the discipline of surgery along with training from renowned local and international practitioners he has made a transition into the field of aesthetic medicine and hair restoration surgery. Dr Vince is an enrolled diplomate of The American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. His areas of special interest include:

  • FUE hair transplant surgery using both manual and robotic-assisted techniques
  • Balancing of facial proportions to create harmony between features
  • Lower facial enhancement of the chin, lips and jawline.”

Dr. Francois Ehlers is a graduate of the University of Stellenbosch.
He has a post-graduate qualification in emergency medicine (DipPEC) and is an existing member of the Emergency Medicine Society of South Africa (EMSSA). His clinical experience in Khayelitsha District Hospital has equipped him with the knowledge and skills necessary to make a valuable contribution to the private healthcare sector. 

Dr Francois has received training and worked alongside renowned local and international medical practitioners considered to be pioneers in their respective fields of Aesthetic Medicine, and has had the opportunity to travel abroad to attend international congresses in Aesthetics.

Dr Francois is currently enrolled in an Advanced Diploma for Aesthetic Medicine and a Fellowship with the Institute of Integrative Medicine with special interests in:

  • Full facial rejuvenation
  • Thread lifting 
  • Men and women sexual health. 

He is passionate about a holistic approach to managing his patients, and through combining integrative, functional and aesthetic medicine believes he can help them to achieve total bio-psycho-social wellbeing.