You Gut This!

In a recent article in the uMhlanga Magazine, our nutrition Guru Elmari Carelse stressed the importance of the gut for overall health and wellness encouraging readers by saying You Gut This! 

Eating poorly can prevent you from getting the nutrients you need to stay healthy as well as damage and change the composition of your gut microbiome causing an inability for proper nutrient breakdown. A healthy microbiome is needed to be able to absorb digested nutrients and to execute certain processes in the body.

What makes a robust microbiome?

  1. Fibre is important to maintain a healthy gut.
  2. Preparation of food.
  3. Polyphenols.
  4. Fermented foods.
  5. Eat a variety of foods.

Read the full article and Elmari’s guidance and remember, through taking care of your Gut, you can take control of your weight, your mood and your long term health. You’ve Gut this!