Let’s Talk Hair Loss and Treatment

Youthfulness, beauty, virility and masculinity are just some of the words associated with a healthy head of hair. So when it comes to hair loss and treatment, while some embrace their baldness, it is understandable that many men and women feel self-conscious and in need of a solution. 

Hair loss affects men and women of all ages triggered by many causes, from medical disorders and illness to stress and hormone imbalances.

Whatever the cause, hair loss is an ongoing process which is why we focus on treating the cause and not just the symptoms of hair loss.

This is where the experience and dedication of our hair restoration specialist Annalita Govender (Annie) makes all the difference.

“At Aesthetic Options we opt for treatments that not only stimulate and nourish the viable hair follicles to promote healthy growth, but we also look to optimize the natural hair cycle and slow down hair loss and follicle damage.”

Thanks to our holistic and planned approach, we can treat hair of all ethnicities and deal with hair loss that includes thinning hair, male pattern baldness, female pattern hair loss, various types of alopecia, cancer patients and other medical conditions.

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